Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh, has many accolades as a Galway Footballer including Minor and Senior All Ireland Medals from 1986, 1998 and 2001 and 3 All Stars. A Proud Killannin Club man, Kevin has  successfully coached at underage and senior club level along with senior County coaching and management with Sligo and his native Galway both men’s and ladies football.  Also recognised in Basketball sporting circles in his native Killanin and nationally, Kevin’s extensive coaching career in both sports gives him vast experience for coaching at all grades. His ability to successfully coach teams from lower league divisions building continuous growth and success to achieve division 1 status has also been one of his hallmarks as a coach in GAA circles.

Galway Senior Footballers, under Kevin’s stewardship were promoted to Division 1, reaching their first All-Ireland Semi-final in 17 years. Securing their first championship win over Kerry since 1965, Galway’s wining ratio for the 5 years  of Kevin’s leadership grew to 70% from 33% in the previous 5 years. Under his stewardship, Galway won 2 Connacht Titles which were their first in 9 years. With Sligo, he brought them to three Connacht Finals while also building their divisional growth. He also coached the Galway Ladies Team in 2007.

Observing the time players spend off the ball as opposed to playing on the ball, has driven Kevin to critical evaluation of spatial awareness for  GAA coaches and players. His appetite for exploring and exploiting the technique of Taking Space and Making Space is a primary driver of Grow Coach.

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